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The GM4D-3 # semi-submersible drilling platform the upper hull began to close
2015-10-25 08:53:13
October 19, 2015, our company to participate in the construction of the Raffles for the Norwegian North Sea Rigs As the company built the North Sea semi-submersible drilling platform the upper hull began to close. "GM4-D" is the first built in the Arctic waters of the semi-submersible drilling platform.
The platform is 500 meters deep, can be upgraded to 1200 meters, the maximum drilling depth of 8000 meters, equipped with DP3 dynamic positioning and 8-point mooring system, using NOV drilling system, drilling equipment into the 1.5 derrick design concept,in the drilling and completing three of drill pipe or casing connections.By referencing the parallel technology of automatic pipe, the drilling efficiency is improved by 15%.
The platform is based on the Norwegian national oil company CAT-D requirements using GM4-D design, CIMC Raffles and Norway Global Maritime to complete the basic design, CIMC Raffles has 80% of the independent intellectual property rights. The GM4-D is designed to withstand the 100-year storms in the North Sea from the Barents Sea in the North Sea and the Arctic Circle in Norway. It also draws on the experience of CIMC Raffles' four-seat GM series of North Sea semi-submersible drilling platforms. The platform's static air gap is increased and the response amplitude of the platform's heave motion is reduced. The motion performance of the platform is obviously improved, and the performance of the platform is improved greatly by the optimization of the working draft of the three semi-submersible platforms, which have been operating in North Sea of Norway. The operating sunroof period. GM4-D is China's first deep-water platform ice structure design, all the external escape stairway, lifeboat and other safety equipment, are increased with heat or windproof wall and other anti-icing measures above deck all the ESD1 is not off the open air fan Are explosion-proof type, large-scale installation of windbreak wall drilling area to ensure that the platform can be 20 degrees below zero cold environment normal operation. "This design summarizes the experience of the Beihai Harsh Environment Semi-Submersible Drilling Platform project over the last decade and represents a new generation of semi-submersible drilling rigs in the mature, mainstream North Sea market in Norway," said Stephen Adshead, General Manager NSR. Job requirements. "

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