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COSL Booming in the North Sea, Norway, "the perfect well"
2015-10-25 09:02:36

Recently, the Chinese-made high-end semi-submersible drilling platform "COSL Innovation" won the customer's award in the history of a single well operation in the North Sea, Norway, for providing services to the Norwegian National Oil Company ( "Statoil" Drilling contractor's first "Perfect Well" (Perfect Well) operating the honorary title.

The "Perfect Well" award was established by Statoil, which is a combination of the best individual drilling records created by all oil service companies in the history of North Sea in Norway and represents the highest level of drilling in the region. The "COSL Innovation Number" broke Statoil 's "Perfect Well" record for five times and achieved the honor of "Perfect Well". Fully demonstrated the outstanding performance of the platform and COSL operations team of superb level.

"COSL Innovation" was built by CIMC Raffles, designed with a maximum operating depth of 750 meters and a maximum vertical drilling depth of 7,500 meters, with a maximum variable load of 4,000 tons. It is characterized by high degree of automation, easy maintenance and high safety. Statoil has been operating in the Troll field in the North Sea, Norway on November 8, and has drilled 15 wells since then. In May and July 2014, Statoil was named the "Best Platform for the Month" in the Norwegian North Sea. The award-winning, effectively enhance the high-end equipment manufacturing in China in the international mainstream market brand influence. Chinese equipment in the worst of the sea in the North Sea drilled "perfect well", highlighting the quality of Chinese manufacturing and China operations team strong international competitiveness.

CIMC Raffles built the "COSL Innovation Number" semi-submersible drilling platform has been formed in volume, with the fourth platform platform, "COSL is booming" in July 2, 2015 in the South China Sea drilling, drilling the first set Casing drilling speed of 1100 m / h in the South China Sea drilling speed of a new record. The fifth platform "Viking Dragon" is the sea trial, is nearing completion.





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